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  • Administering medicines: staff responsibilities Find out what the requirements are for staff administering medicines to pupils at school, and what to do if you don't have enough trained staff.
  • Expectations of teaching assistants at different levels What is expected of teaching assistants at levels 1-4? We refer to guidance on the typical duties of TAs at each level. We also look at performance objectives and job descriptions which set out the responsibilities of different levels of TA.
  • Intimate care: responsibility of school staff Schools have to make reasonable adjustments for pupils who are not yet toilet trained, with or without an EHC plan. Read about who should change nappies in school, how to work with parents and training your staff.
  • Lead first aider: responsibilities What are the additional responsibilities of a lead first aider? We set out guidance from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Department for Education (DfE) about responsibilities for first aid.
  • Office-based support staff: roles and responsibilities What are the responsibilities of office-based support staff? We refer to a local authority's list of administrative and clerical tasks that should be carried out by school support staff. We also look at examples of job descriptions which set out the responsibilities of different administrative roles.
  • Role of a leading practitioner What is the role of a leading practitioner? This article sets out guidance from the STPCD on the role and pay range of leading practitioners. It features a KeyDoc with descriptors of leading practitioners' outstanding performance, and case studies on the roles that leading practitioners play in two schools.
  • Role of teaching assistants What role should teaching assistants (TAs) take in schools? We look at the regulations around 'specified work', and guidance on what responsibilities TAs may take on. We also refer to research from Ofsted on creating effective TA roles, and a case study from a teaching school.
  • Volunteers in school: FAQs What should we know about volunteers in school? We answer questions about staffing ratios, safeguarding, health and safety and insurance. You will also find advice on whether volunteers can teach classes, and whether they should be subject to the same disciplinary and dismissal procedures as staff.