Mandatory training for school staff

Be clear on the areas your staff need training in and how often to update their training. Use our template to keep track of any training that staff members complete and when they need to renew it.

Last reviewed on 3 April 2023
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  1. Download our list of mandatory training
  2. Use our template to record staff training
  3. Get further support with meeting training requirements

Download our list of mandatory training

There's no central list of mandatory training. Use our document to help you understand what training is required.

Please note that our list isn't intended to be exhaustive to all your school's individual training needs. Check with your local authority (LA) or academy trust to see if it sets its own requirements.

In some cases, it'll be up to you to decide which specific members of staff need training, as well as how in-depth it should be and how often it should be refreshed. Your LA or trust should be able to help you decide what's appropriate.

Use our template to record staff training

It's good practice to keep a record of the training your staff have undertaken. 

Training staff have received – both mandatory training and training delivered as