Financial procedures manuals: examples

See examples of financial procedures manuals from a range of schools and a local authority.

Last reviewed on 11 February 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Examples from schools 

Shoreditch Park Primary in Hackney has a financial procedures manual. It explains (page 6) that its purpose is to clearly define and document effective financial controls and processes. It explains that:

  • All staff who have duties involving financial administration are expected to have access to and read the manual
  • It's the headteacher's responsibility to make sure all staff follow the requirements within the manual

Cyril Jackson Primary School in Tower Hamlets has a financial procedures policy. The policy says:

  • All staff with duties involving financial administration should know about and read the policy
  • Responsibility for ensuring the policy is followed lies with the headteacher
  • An electronic version of the policy is available to staff on the school's shared drive

It then covers topics such as delegation of authority, role and responsibilities, and the school's organisational structure.