Last reviewed on 26 May 2022
School types: All · School phases: Primary
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See expert advice and practical ways of fundraising for small or rural schools, to help you combat any challenges in generating income. Find out how one small, rural school raised £50,000 for a new classroom, and how you can too.

Set a strategy and write a fundraising plan

In your plan: 

  • Set your objectives
  • Map them out against your school calendar, budget and any incoming costs or funding
  • Identify the different sources of money available (grants, match funding from local businesses, events, donations) so that you spread the risk
  • Consider your previous fundraising efforts, and what has and hasn't been effective in the past
  • Identify who you hope to raise money from in your community, and how to spread this out
  • Divide up the workload among a small group of committed people, assigning jobs, setting targets and deadlines

Monitor progress by meeting regularly and tweaking the plan where necessary.

It can be difficult to find time to focus on fundraising alongside your other commitments as a school leader. Identify a person or couple of people in the school community to ‘own’ the fundraising effort and organise the others so your project keeps up