Last reviewed on 10 February 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find out about top-up funding for pupils with high needs, including how you can access it and what you can spend it on.

What is the threshold for receiving top-up funding?

Mainstream schools 

You’re expected to meet the first £6,000 of additional support costs for pupils with high needs from your delegated budget (your core funding).

Where the cost of a pupil’s additional support is higher than £6,000, the excess will be met with top-up funding. This will be paid to your school directly by the local authority (LA) in which the pupil lives.

The process of applying for top-up funding, and the amount of funding that the LA makes available, is determined locally as part of the local offer

This is explained on pages 28 and 42 of the operational guide for high needs funding.

Special schools and alternative provision

If your school is a:

Your setting is funded at £10,000 per place based on the number of places