Costing SEN provision for individual pupils

Find out how to calculate the cost of special educational needs (SEN) provision for individual pupils, track provision costs, and what funding is available for pupils with high needs. Use our templates to save you time.

Last reviewed on 24 March 2023
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  1. How to calculate the cost of SEN provision for each pupil
  2. Use our costed provision map template to save time
  3. Use our tool to track provision costs for individual pupils
  4. Funding for pupils with high needs above the top-up funding threshold

How to calculate the cost of SEN provision for each pupil

Our template below will calculate the per-pupil cost. For your reference, or in case you're using your own document, here's how to do it:

1. Work out your staffing costs per hour

Start by calculating the average hourly salary for each staff type (e.g. teaching assistant (TA), teacher) who'll be running the intervention.

E.g. £12 per hour for your TA.

2. Identify the number of pupils who need this particular intervention

E.g. 5 pupils.

3. Multiply the hours per week by the total number of weeks to get your total time

You'll need to know:

  • How many hours per week you'll spend on the intervention
  • The number of weeks the intervention will run for

Multiply the two to get your total time.

4. Multiply the total time