Last reviewed on 19 May 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Learn how to take practical steps to meet your deadlines for responding to subject access requests over the summer holidays. Find out when you can extend the deadline for 'complex' requests and download our template letter to notify individuals of the extension.

The rules on responding to requests 

You must respond to subject access requests as soon as you can, and within:

  • 1 month of receiving the request in normal circumstances
  • 3 months of receiving the request, if it's complex or you get several requests from the same person (though you have to inform them of the extension within 1 month)

You'll likely find it more difficult to respond to requests over the summer holidays, so read our practical steps below to help you meet your deadlines.

Make use of the staff who are already working

If your DPO doesn't work over the summer, you can ask another member of staff working over the summer to help you respond to requests. Ask them to keep an eye on