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  • Common transfer file: definition and contents Learn what data you should include in the common transfer file (CTF), and the ways in which you can send it. You'll also find out what action you should take if you haven't received a new pupil's CTF data.
  • Inclusive recruitment and development: how to use data to improve your practice Get tips on how to collect and use data to help you determine where your HR practices could be more inclusive. Find out what steps to take to improve equality for your staff.
  • Pupil record: contents and cover sheet Know what should be included in your pupil records, and what should be on the records' cover sheets. See as well what should be kept separate to the record.
  • Recording disciplinary incidents How should schools record behaviour incidents that lead to disciplinary action? In this article, we relay advice from one of our associate education experts on recording disciplinary information. You will also find advice on how long to retain records of pupils' behaviour.
  • School admission registers Most schools need to hold an admission register. Find out what should be in it.
  • School census: key dates and guidance Make sure you know the deadlines for submitting the census this school year, and find out where to go if you have any questions about completing it.
  • Subject leader's file: checklist of contents UpdatedSubject leader files can help you feel prepared for 'deep dives' in Ofsted inspections. Download our checklist to create effective files for primary and secondary subjects.
  • Taking medical information on trips Taking pupils with medical conditions on trips requires a little extra preparation. This article looks at what medical information you should take with you and what you should be aware of when managing this situation.