The common transfer file

Learn what data you should include in the common transfer file (CTF) and how you can send it. You'll also find out what action you should take if you haven't received a new pupil's CTF data.

Last reviewed on 17 May 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. What is the CTF?
  2. What data to include
  3. Deadline for transferring the CTF
  4. How to send the CTF
  5. What to do if you haven't received a new pupil's CTF 

What is the CTF?

The common transfer file (CTF) is the way schools send information about a pupil who leaves to join another school. 

Maintained schools (including maintained PRUs): you're legally required to send a CTF if a registered pupil moves to another school in the UK.

This is explained on page 5 of the technical specification for the CTF published by the DfE. 

Academies: there is no legal requirement, but the DfE's guidance states that you're 'strongly encouraged to send CTFs when a pupil leaves to attend another school'.

No requirement for receiving school to upload the CTF

You're not required to load CTFs into your school's management information system (MIS). 

The DfE recommends that you use the CTF. However, there may be circumstances where your school has more up-to-date information available, which means that uploading the file may not be appropriate. 

The DfE explained this to us. 

You must generate CTFs from your main school MIS.