Pupil record: contents and cover sheet

Know what to include in your pupil records, and what should be on the records' cover sheets. Also, be clear on what you should keep separate to the record.

Last reviewed on 5 December 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Recommended content
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  3. Records that should be stored separately

Recommended content

Include these in your pupil records:

  • The record of transfer, if the pupil has attended an early years setting
  • Admission form
  • The current data collection/checking form
  • Annual written reports to parents
  • National Curriculum and RE syllabus record sheets
  • Any information relating to a major incident involving the child
  • Any information relating to suspensions and exclusions
  • Specific correspondence with parents or outside agencies relating to major issues
  • Summary details of complaints made by the parents or pupil relevant to the child's ongoing education or behaviour
  • Pupil copies of examination results
  • SATs results

Also include the following, but in a separate area of the record or in a separate linked file so they can only be accessed by relevant staff:

  • Statements, plans or reports for educational support (e.g. special educational needs, speech and language issues)
  • Medical information relevant to the child's ongoing education or behaviour
  • Child protection reports or disclosures and supporting documentation

Our template sets out