Last reviewed on 1 November 2021
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Understand what a knowledge-rich curriculum is and prepare for common challenges you might face when implementing one. See approaches from 3 schools to help you get started.

What makes a successful knowledge-rich curriculum?  

The DfE says that, taught well, a knowledge-rich curriculum: 

  • Focuses on the essential building blocks of knowledge required on the path from novice to expert (rather than how to ‘think like an expert’) 
  • Teaches pupils about the struggles and achievements of people from all races
  • Is diverse and inclusive 
  • Provides pupils with the knowledge they need to understand, to challenge and to form their own opinions 

Ofsted describes a knowledge-led approach as curriculum leaders deciding on “the invaluable knowledge that they want their pupils to know”.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) says that “a successful knowledge-rich curriculum should be designed to help pupils remember what they have been taught”. 

How 3 schools have approached this

How a primary school has planned a knowledge-rich curriculum 

What a knowledge-rich curriculum means to the school  How the school has planned and structured