Teaching and monitoring self-regulation in the EYFS

The 2021 EYFS framework brought in self-regulation as a new early learning goal. Get to grips with what this means for your setting and how to teach and assess self-regulation.

Last reviewed on 7 June 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 42830
  1. Self-regulation became an ELG in September 2021
  2. What is self-regulation?
  3. How do we teach self-regulation?
  4. How do we monitor and assess self-regulation?

This article was written with help from Fiona Holiday, an independent EYFS consultant.

Self-regulation became an ELG in September 2021

The early learning goals (ELGs) were updated for the EYFS framework from 1 September 2021.

Self-regulation was a new ELG for 2021. It comes under the prime area of personal, social and emotional development.

The framework states (page 12) that children at the ‘expected level of development’ for the self-regulation ELG will be able to:

The DfE says that there's strong evidence emerging that self-regulation skills can predict pre-reading skills and later outcomes