Last reviewed on 23 February 2022
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Ofsted doesn't specify what your EYFS planning should look like. See how other schools have approached it and find resources from LAs to help you get started.

Ofsted doesn’t recommend a specific approach to planning

It’s up to you to determine and justify your approach. This is set out in paragraph 55 of the Ofsted inspection handbook for early years providers

However, the EYFS framework (paragraph 1.15, page 16) states that your planning must reflect on the different rates at which children are developing and allow you to adjust your practice appropriately.

Your planning should also cover the 7 areas of learning and development, as set out in the framework (paragraph 1.6, pages 8 to 10).

See our summary of the updated EYFS framework, effective from September 2021, to find out more.

See how other schools have approached it 

Maintained school in Buckinghamshire 

It sets out how the school will meet the early learning goals (ELGs) by setting smaller objectives for each half term. For example, to meet the