Medium and long-term maths planning (primary)

Find out when to use medium and long-term plans, and see examples and resources for planning your maths curriculum.

Last reviewed on 30 March 2022
School types: All · School phases: Primary
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  1. Developing medium and long-term plans
  2. Planning: examples and resources

Developing medium and long-term plans

This section is based on advice from one of our associate education experts, Charlotte Raby.

What's the difference between a long and medium-term maths plan?

A long-term maths plan is a broad document that can be used to make more specific medium-term plans.


Long-term plans should: Medium-term plans should:
Span a long period of time, such as a Key Stage or the whole of primary school Cover a shorter time period, such as half a term
Show the topics that will be covered Include the details of topics such as resources and activities
Include overarching goals Include the intended outcomes of topics, activities and assessment
Set out when assessments will take place Explain the specifics of assessments
Not change much because its overarching goals and content are consistent Be flexible to changes to pupils' needs and resources

You don't need to prepare special planning documents for