Interventions to raise achievement

  • Closing the gap in primary schools
    Learn how to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils in your school. Find out how to identify barriers to learning, select targeted interventions based on evidence, and how to evaluate your progress.
  • Evaluating intervention strategies: advice and tracking tools
    Learn how to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your interventions, including what evidence to look for and how to present this to governors. Plus, find a tracking tool, a template for SEND case studies, a template report to governors, and a pupil voice survey in our toolkit.
  • Raising attainment in maths
    Learn how to improve your maths offer by supporting staff to provide high-quality teaching in the classroom, and running evidence-based interventions.
  • Running interventions: top tips
    Use our practical tips to deliver high-quality interventions. Share our template letter so parents are aware of the interventions in place for their child, and use our reporting sheet to make sure teachers are kept informed of the progress their pupils are making.