Last reviewed on 25 August 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 31836

Schools must ensure that individuals in regulated activity are not barred from working with children, by carrying out a barred list check through the DBS. Read about what counts as regulated activity in a school, and what the exceptions are.

What counts as regulated activity? 

A person is in regulated activity if they regularly (once a week or more often, or on more than 3 days in a 30-day period): 

  • Are responsible for teaching, training, instructing, caring for or supervising children
  • Provide advice or guidance to children on physical, emotional or educational wellbeing
  • Drive a vehicle only for children

Even if it happens only once, a person is also in regulated activity when they:

  • Do any of the above activities (except for driving a vehicle) between 2am and 6am and have the opportunity for face-to-face contact with children
  • Engage in intimate or personal care

It's carried out frequently (once a week or more often, or on more than 3 days in a 30-day period) by the same person, and  The person is engaged in paid or unsupervised unpaid work for a school, or in connection with the school, and It gives them the