DBS checks: contractors

Get to grips with when contractors need a DBS check and whether you're responsible for doing the check. Download our template letter of assurance to make sure external employers have carried out the right check.

Last reviewed on 19 October 2023See updates
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  1. Decide who needs what kind of check
  2. Responsibility for carrying out the checks 
  3. Check the identity of contractors

Decide who needs what kind of check

Contractors who are in regulated activity must have an enhanced DBS check with barred list information. Find a full definition and examples of regulated activity in Annex E (pages 173 to 175) of Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) 2023.

Contractors who aren't in regulated activity, but whose work gives them the opportunity for regular contact with children, must have an enhanced DBS check (without barred list information). 

Use your professional judgement to decide if the amount of contact they have merits an enhanced DBS check. For example, they wouldn't need an enhanced check if they're working:

  • Outside of school hours
  • In areas that children can't access
  • In areas you have cordoned off for the work to be carried out

Set out your safeguarding requirements in the contract you