Last reviewed on 18 August 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Understand which checks you must carry out on agency staff such as supply teachers. Find out whether you need to get DBS certificates and what to record on the SCR, and download a template form to record written confirmation of checks.

What you must do

When employing someone via an agency, you must:

  • Get written confirmation from the agency that it's carried out the checks on the staff member that you would have done if you employed them directly (see our record form below for a list of these checks)
  • Make sure you receive written confirmation that an enhanced DBS check has been obtained
  • Make sure that the enhanced DBS certificate comes with barred list information, where the position requires it, and that this is done before any appointment is made
  • Check that the person presenting themselves for work is the same person on whom the checks were carried out

This is set out in paragraphs 268-271 of KCSIE.

Maintained schools: you must get a copy of the certificate only if the agency staff member's DBS check has revealed a positive disclosure (see paragraph 1(b) of this legislation).Academies and independent