Single central record: monitoring

Use our checklist to save you time when monitoring your school's single central record (SCR).

Last reviewed on 1 June 2022
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School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 30277
  1. Download our checklist
  2. Responsibility for the SCR
  3. Frequency of monitoring

Download our checklist

The checklist includes:

  • Prompts to help monitor whether the record is accurate and up to date
  • Fields for noting comments or actions related to each item

You should indicate where fields on the single central record (SCR) are incomplete, and record next steps and timeframes for ensuring the missing information is rectified.

Responsibility for the SCR

The governing board and the school’s designated safeguarding lead (DSL) are responsible for ensuring that safeguarding procedures, including the SCR, are appropriate and up to date.

The DSL is responsible for monitoring the SCR, and the governing board is responsible for making sure it's being monitored. 

Responsibility for entering