Ofsted and other inspection

  • How Ofsted gathers evidence about pupil experience
    Ofsted inspectors don't expect to see written pupil case studies. Understand how Ofsted will learn about and evaluate pupil experiences of your school, including which pupil groups and topics they are likely to focus on.
  • How to present safeguarding referrals to Ofsted
    Ofsted will ask to see a list of safeguarding referrals made to your DSL. Get expert advice on presenting this information, and see examples of forms other schools use to record referrals.
  • Attendance: what Ofsted is looking for
    Ofsted will consider your attendance data when making specific judgements. Understand what evidence inspectors will want to look at, and what they want to see in 'outstanding' and 'good' schools.
  • 'Cultural capital': expanding narrow definitions
    'Cultural capital' doesn't have to be limited to culture that's mostly white, middle-class and male. Find out how to provide your pupils with cultural capital that celebrates all cultures and values diversity, to prepare them for life in modern Britain.
  • 'Cultural capital': what Ofsted is looking for
    It's a buzzword from the inspection framework, and Ofsted will consider it when assessing your quality of education, but what does 'cultural capital' mean? Read on to find out, and how inspectors will evaluate it in your school.
  • How Ofsted inspects SEND provision
    See how Ofsted inspects SEND provision in special schools and mainstream schools with SEND provision. Find out what inspectors look for, how they gather evidence, and how they assess outcomes.
  • Teaching assistants' role in Ofsted inspections
    Inspectors won't judge individual teaching assistants – they're more interested in how effectively you use them. However, your TAs might get asked about safeguarding and behaviour. Find out what Ofsted expects from TAs so you can be prepared.
  • How to follow up an Ofsted inspection at one of your schools
    Follow our guide for trust leaders so that you can provide effective support to your schools after they've been inspected by Ofsted. We go through the steps you should take whether your school is judged 'outstanding' or 'inadequate'.
    For Trust Leaders
  • How to keep governors Ofsted-ready
    If you update your board regularly on what's going on in your school, governors will likely be more than ready for an Ofsted inspection. Hand out our list of questions so they know what inspectors might ask them.
  • Ofsted inspection: curriculum FAQs
    Not sure how Ofsted will inspect your curriculum? Get answers to frequently asked questions under the 2019 framework.
  • Questions Ofsted might ask about inclusion and attendance
    Download our list of questions Ofsted inspectors could potentially ask about inclusion and attendance, including the impact of coronavirus on attendance. Find out what follow up questions inspectors may ask based on your school's data.
  • Questions Ofsted might ask EYFS staff
    Share these questions with your Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) staff so they can prepare for an inspection under the 2021 framework. Each question includes suggestions of evidence they could use to support their answers.
  • Questions Ofsted might ask headteachers and the SLT
    Download our lists of questions Ofsted inspectors might ask. You'll find questions related to COVID-19, how your school delivered remote learning, your approach to sexual harassment and how you've supported staff wellbeing