Last reviewed on 17 February 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 37734

Ofsted's 'quality of education' measure puts your curriculum in the spotlight. Understand how inspectors will judge your intent, implementation and impact, and the evidence they'll consider. Also see details of the updated transitional period.

Transitional period until September 2022

  • The transitional period refers to Ofsted's curriculum transition arrangements, which were put in place to help schools transition to the 2019 Ofsted framework. These arrangements were previously extended to July 2021 and then to March 2022
  • Ofsted will review these transitional arrangements for September 2022
  • During the preparation phone call, the lead inspector will ask about the specific impact of COVID-19 on your school community and how you've responded, including any specific plans you have for the transitional period

Read more about the transitional period in our other article, and see paragraphs 7, 9 and 229 to 231 of the School Inspection Handbook.

Inspecting your curriculum in light of COVID-19

During an inspection, Ofsted's inspectors will seek to understand how your school adapted and prioritised the curriculum from