Using data for school improvement

  • Analysing KS5 data
    Find guidance on how to carry out data analysis of Key Stage (KS) 5 performance data. Also see the next steps to take when examining your findings.
  • Closing the gap: identifying groups to track
    Spotting underachievement early on is key to helping pupils catch up and keep up with their peers. Find out how to identify vulnerable pupil groups and decide which ones to track.
  • Using data to support school improvement
    Your school has access to lots of data it can use for school improvement planning. Download our guide to get clarity on what data is available, how to use it, and how often to analyse it.
  • What not to do with pupil performance data
    Understand the limitations of performance data, in line with Ofsted's advice. See some common data practices that you could stop doing and other strategies to use instead, to identify what your pupils know and drive down teacher workload.