Government guidance and requirements

  • Behaviour guidance for September 2022: staff briefing
    The DfE has overhauled its behaviour guidance. Use our presentation to get your staff up to speed on the key changes and what this means for them, including how they should manage incidents of challenging behaviour and promote expected behaviour in your school.
  • Ofsted inspection staff briefing
    Download our briefing presentation and handout to prepare your staff for an Ofsted inspection. Help them feel confident and know what to expect when the call comes, on the day and afterwards.
  • SEND Code of Practice: staff briefing
    Use our 30 minute briefing to help your teachers and TAs understand their responsibilities under the SEND Code of Practice, including how to work with your SENCO, and how you provide SEN support in your school.
  • The Equality Act 2010: staff briefing
    Use our 30-minute briefing to get your staff up to speed on their responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010. Make sure they know their protected characteristics from their reasonable adjustments, and use our scenarios to help staff embed their learning.