Supporting pupils with medical needs: staff briefing

Use this 30-minute briefing to help your staff understand how to support pupils with medical needs, and to think about the wider context and challenges faced by pupils with physical medical conditions.

Last reviewed on 1 February 2024
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. 30-minute briefing: supporting pupils with medical needs

30-minute briefing: supporting pupils with medical needs

You should provide whole-school awareness training to make sure all of your staff are aware of your policy for supporting pupils with medical needs and the role they have in implementing it. You can use the staff briefing below for this.

You should also provide training that means staff are competent and have confidence in their ability to fulfil the requirements of individual healthcare plans. Your local authority (LA) or school nurse should advise on the necessary training for specific medical conditions. This training need cannot be met with a first-aid certificate alone. 

This is explained on page 18 of the DfE's guidance on supporting pupils with medical conditions at school

Use this briefing to provide your whole-school awareness training

It should help your staff to understand what role they might play in supporting pupils with medical needs and how existing school policies can help them. 

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