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  • Leave entitlements for staff Understand the statutory and additional leave entitlements an employer must provide for teachers and support staff.
  • Managing staff sickness absence and attendance How can schools reduce sickness absence by staff? We relay advice on making staff aware of absence procedures, keeping accurate absence records, and curbing the spread of illnesses. We also link to an article on getting value for money from staffing budgets.
  • Return to work interviews: template and guidance Get the most out of return to work interviews with this downloadable template and advice on how to prepare and what to cover.
  • Sick pay entitlements: teachers Learn about sick pay terms for teachers, including who the Burgundy Book terms apply to and what they cover. Also see the latest guidance on pay during self-isolation due to coronavirus.
  • Sick pay for support staff Find out about statutory and occupational sick pay for your support staff, including who's entitled, what they're entitled to, who's not eligible, and how to calculate it.