Pay award for school support staff

The pay award for 2023-24 has been agreed. Understand what's changed, so you can reflect any increases in your budget.

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  1. Understand the pay award for 2023-24
  2. How to apply the pay award

Understand the pay award for 2023-24

The National Joint Council (NJC) pay award for 2023-24 is an increase of £1,925 on each scale point.

This equates to a:

  • 9.42% rise for those at the bottom of the pay spine who currently earn £20,411
  • 3.88% rise for those at the top of the pay spine

This will be backdated to 1 April 2023.

You can access a copy of the full pay scales from the Local Government Association's website (log in to view).

The pay deal was agreed by 2 of the 3 unions. Unite will continue to take industrial action in some councils.

London pay scales

The Greater London Provincial Council (GLPC) pay scale, used by many London councils, has been agreed for 2023-24. 

Download a copy of the GLPC pay scale from Croydon Council (scroll down to the 'HR' section, then '2023 GLPC pay scale'). 

Check contracts of employment and your