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  • Performance objectives for EYFS teachers What performance objectives could be set for EYFS teachers? We include advice on setting objectives for EYFS teachers from our associate education experts. They have also provided examples of performance objectives, with suggested success criteria for meeting them.
  • Performance objectives for KS1 and KS2 teachers You can use our examples of objectives to create your own ones for your KS1 and KS2 teachers. The examples cover areas such as pupil progress and lesson quality. We also look at objectives for teachers working across both Key Stages, and provide guidance on personalising these objectives.
  • Performance objectives for teachers on the UPR: guidance and examples How do we write performance objectives for UPR teachers? Here, two of The Key's associate education experts give advice about writing objectives for teachers on the upper pay range (UPR). You will find examples and a KeyDoc showing how objectives differ for teachers on the main and upper pay ranges.
  • Pupil progress objectives for teachers: case studies and examples How do schools link teachers' performance objectives to pupil progress? In this article, primary and secondary school leaders explain how their schools set performance objectives for teachers based on targets for pupil progress. We also include a sample objective of this kind.