Senior leadership appraisal

  • CEO appraisal process
    Prepare for your appraisal by familiarising yourself with the procedure, and use our guidance to help you write your objectives for the next appraisal period.
    For Trust Leaders
  • Deputy headteacher appraisal
    Make sure you're prepared for your deputy headteacher's appraisal by considering objectives, development opportunities and professional standards.
  • Headteacher appraisal: step-by-step process and templates
    Use our guidance for leaders in multi-academy trusts (MATs) to help you manage the appraisal process for headteachers in your schools. Download our templates and checklist so you can be confident you've got everything covered.
    For Trust Leaders
  • Preparing for your headteacher appraisal
    Feel confident and ready for your headteacher appraisal by familiarising yourself with the whole process. Use our templates to review your objectives and track your progress.