Recruitment: your step-by-step guide

Keep on top of every stage in the recruitment process with links to our guidance and resources all in one place. Get to grips with everything from finding applicants and shortlisting candidates, to pre-employment checks and staff induction.

Last reviewed on 21 November 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. 1. Get clear on the rules
  2. 2. Decide who will be involved
  3. 3. Create your application package
  4. 4. Shortlist candidates
  5. 5. Carry out pre-interview checks
  6. 6. Hold interviews and make decisions on candidates
  7. 7. Carry out pre-employment checks
  8. 8. Induct new staff

If you're looking for candidates within your own school, read our guide on how to do internal recruitment.

If you're recruiting overseas candidates, make sure you understand visa rules with our guide to employing overseas staff.

1. Get clear on the rules

When recruiting for a role, make sure you're following all the relevant guidance and procedures from start to finish. This includes:

You should also check your school or trust's policies on:

2. Decide who will be involved

There are specific rules for recruiting headteachers