How to recruit internally

Learn how to recruit existing staff into a new role at your school fairly, and download our handy checklist to make the process easier.

Last reviewed on 9 September 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. Follow the same process for internal and external recruitment
  2. Advertise positions
  3. Adapt applications
  4. Collect references
  5. Shortlist and interview fairly and discreetly
  6. Fair selection
  7. Use our internal recruitment checklist
  8. Examples of policies from schools

Follow the same process for internal and external recruitment

If your school has a recruitment policy, follow it for both internal and external candidates.

Read our recruitment policies article for examples from a range of schools.

Take the steps below to make sure internal recruitment is done fairly.

Advertise positions

If you're a maintained school, your governors need to advertise for headteacher and deputy headteacher posts.

Maintained schools and academies don't need to advertise for internal positions, but it's good practice to do so. Acas told us this.

To make sure the process is fair:

  • Include a person specification and job description in the advert
  • Include deadlines and interview dates
  • Share with staff by placing the advert on a noticeboard in your staffroom or send it out via email
  • Make sure adverts are shared with anyone on sick or parental leave

See our list of model job descriptions to