Last reviewed on 8 November 2019
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Keep on top of all the stages in the recruitment process. See links to our guidance and resources all in one place, from finding applicants to holding staff induction.

If you're looking for candidates within your own school, read our guide on how to do internal recruitment.

If you're recruiting for overseas candidates, make sure you understand visa rules with our guide to employing overseas staff.

Find applicants

Write a job description and person specification

You'll want to make sure applicants are clear about what the nature of the role is, and what skills they'll need to have to successfully apply.

Our job descriptions area has models and examples of job descriptions and person specifications for a variety of school roles that you can use.

Advertise the position

Even when you're not required to advertise a vacancy, we would always recommend doing so in order to attract the widest pool of talent available.

However, make sure you understand the rules for advertising job vacancies in:

Have an application form in place