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  • Head of school: challenges and expectations What are the challenges and expectations for a head of school? This article has 2 case studies on head of school and executive headteacher arrangements. It also looks at reports on models of leadership in primary schools and executive headship.
  • New headteacher resource hub NewResources and advice to help you in your new role as a headteacher.
  • New headteachers: taking your first steps UpdatedUse our checklist to find out what to do before you start, and get guidance on what you should prioritise in the early weeks of headship - so you can confidently hit the ground running in your new headteacher role.
  • Role comparison: deputy vs assistant headteacher Understand the similarities and key differences between deputy and assistant headteachers and get to grips with which might work best in your school.
  • Role comparison: headteacher vs head of school Understand the difference between a headteacher and a head of school, including how their responsibilities and pay scales differ.
  • Role of an executive headteacher Is there guidance on the role of an executive headteacher? This article looks at when an executive headteacher might be appointed and what the role involves. You will also find advice for new executive headteachers.