Specific equality considerations

  • Anti-racist reading lists for staff
    To create an anti-racist curriculum and teach in a way that's truly inclusive, you and your staff need to first understand the issues. These books and resources should support you on this journey.
  • Create an anti-racism action plan to suit your school community
    Find out how feedback from your school community should inform your anti-racism action plan, so you can address the specific problems faced in your school. Learn how to set specific objectives, meaningful actions and achievable milestones, and how to measure progress so you know your school's on the right track.
  • How to improve racial diversity in your children’s books
    People from ethnically diverse groups and backgrounds are underrepresented in British children’s books. Find out how to improve representation and diversity in your school library and classrooms, so they reflect the society we live in and so all of your pupils feel represented and valued.
  • How to talk to pupils about racism
    Help pupils find the words and the confidence to have difficult conversations about race and racism. Get guidance on preparing teachers and pupils for these conversations, and find resources to support their learning.
  • LGBTQ+ reading lists for staff
    Take a look at recommended resources to help educate yourself and your staff about LGBTQ+ issues. You can use them to improve your understanding of gender and sexuality, and make your school more inclusive.
  • Whole school anti-racism audit
    Reflect on how inclusive your school currently is for black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) staff, pupils and parents, and take the first steps to improving it.