Funds and freebies: monthly highlights

Find a selection of the grants available to schools across a range of areas, and details of freebies you can access. You can also learn about cost-of-living support available for your school and community.

updated on 24 January 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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Share these ideas with your school community The government’s cost-of-living payment is available for those receiving certain benefits or tax credits. Those who are eligible can get up to 3 different types of payment depending on their situation: A cost-of-living payment, for people receiving a qualifying low income benefit or tax credits A disability cost-of-living payment, for people receiving a qualifying disability benefit A pensioner cost-of-living payment, for people entitled to a winter fuel payment for winter 2022 to 2023 Citizens Advice has guidance for people who need help with school costs. This includes advice on how to get: Free school meals (FSM) – read more about FSM funding Help to pay for activities and uniform Help with transport to and from school The Warm Welcome Campaign has a searchable map to help people find a warm welcome space near them. The campaign is supporting more than 3,000 organisations that have opened their doors to provide a warm welcome for those struggling to heat their homes this