Capital funding: condition improvement fund

Get to grips with everything you need to know about the condition improvement fund (CIF) – find out if you're eligible, what it can cover and how much you could get.

Last reviewed on 20 October 2022
School types: Academy · School phases: All
Ref: 8540
  1. Who is the condition improvement fund for?
  2. What is it for?
  3. How much could we get?
  4. How is the application assessed?

This article is based on the DfE's guidance on the funding round for the 2023-24 financial year (in particular, the 'CIF 2023-24 information for applicants').

Who is the condition improvement fund for?

You must have been 1 of the following at the start of September 2022:

  • Single-academy trust ("stand-alone" academy)
  • Academy in a multi-academy trust (MAT) with:
    • Fewer than 5 academies, or
    • 5 or more academies but fewer than 3,000 pupils 
  • Voluntary-aided (VA) schools in a VA body or group with:
    • Fewer than 5 schools, or
    • 5 schools but fewer than 3,000 pupils
  • Sixth-form colleges 
  • Schools with a signed academy order as of the start of September 2022, that are expected to convert by 1 April 2023

Pupil and academy numbers are as counted in the spring 2022 census or 2021/22 individualised learner record.

Note: pupil numbers for special and alternative provision schools (including pupil referral units) are multiplied by 4.5.

What is it