Pupil premium: case study templates and guidance

Read advice on using case studies to show how you're spending your pupil premium, and download our templates to help you write them.

Last reviewed on 17 April 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. How to use case studies
  2. Download our case study templates
  3. Get more resources on the pupil premium

How to use case studies

They can be an effective way to:

  • Report to governors or trustees on how you're using the pupil premium and what effect it's having on individual pupils
  • Help inform your teacher training (including early-career teacher training)
  • Share knowledge and experience with other schools (including other academies within your multi-academy trust) 
  • Add context and colour that may not come across through quantitative data alone

You don't need to use case studies in your strategy statement using the DfE's template

Read more about how to report on the pupil premium.

Download our case study templates

Adapt them to fit your school's context and reporting needs. They cover:

  • Pupil details
  • Details of the pupil’s outcomes before intervention/support
  • Details of the intervention/support
  • Assessment of outcomes

Template for a looked-after child

Information about the staff responsible for supporting the pupil Details of the pupil's personal