Last reviewed on 6 December 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Once you've established the purpose of your internal assessments, use our list of questions to help you assess their quality.

The advice in this article applies to quality assuring assessments at KS3. It's also relevant to KS4, but at KS4 you will have more of an opportunity to link to questions and papers for national exams. 

Establish the purpose of each assessment 

You can have a whole-school approach to assessment that contains general core principles that are consistently applied across the school. But you'll also need to evaluate assessment needs on a subject-by-subject basis. This is because the: 

  • Content can be very different across different subjects (for example, art, maths and RE need different formats)
  • Proportion of lessons differs, so if you use the same amount of assessment across all subjects, those with a low number of lessons might end up with lots of assessments, with little space in between

Make sure your staff are confident on: 

Use our questions to assess the quality