Reading: how to organise high-quality provision (primary)

Equip staff to excel when teaching reading, with top tips from the DfE's 2021 framework. Be clear on your responsibilities and those of your literacy lead, and find out how best to timetable reading.

Last reviewed on 20 April 2022
School types: All · School phases: Primary
Ref: 44586
  1. Headteachers: be clear on your responsibilities
  2. Appoint a literacy lead to teach phonics, reading and writing
  3. How you should timetable reading
  4. Make sure staff are confident teaching phonics
  5. How teachers can support fluency

Headteachers: be clear on your responsibilities

These include:

  • Building the reading culture in your school 
  • Making sure the teaching of reading is as effective as possible, for example by:
    • Making sure that all staff, including the SENCO and ITT trainees, have the knowledge, skills, understanding and professional support to teach reading effectively 
    • Taking part in the necessary CPD for your school’s chosen phonics programme along with these staff 
  • Supporting teachers in:
    • Making literacy a priority
    • Managing the rest of the curriculum realistically 
  • Successfully implementing your school’s phonics programme 

See more about your responsibilities on pages 72 and 73 of the DfE’s 2021 reading framework

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