Last reviewed on 21 April 2022
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See examples of spelling and phonics policies from a wide range of primary schools to inspire you when you write your own.

Phonics and spelling policies

Community school in Camden

Eleanor Palmer Primary School has an English policy that covers phonics (see the 'Reading' section on page 1) and spelling (pages 4 and 5). It breaks down the school's approach to:

  • Teaching phonics and spelling at each key stage
  • Learning through talking
  • Using external resources

Academy in Warwickshire

St Nicholas Church of England Primary has a phonics and spelling policy that covers:

  • Expectations of pupils, parents and teachers
  • Learning to be done at home
  • Resources to support learning

Spelling policies

Catholic academy in Staffordshire

St Gregory’s Catholic Academy has a separate spelling policy, which explains the school’s approach to:

  • Following the National Curriculum
  • Marking and assessment
  • Differentiation for pupils with special educational needs (SEN)

Community school in Suffolk

Sebert Wood Primary School and Nursery has a spelling policy that outlines:

  • The school's aims in teaching spelling
  • Approaches to assessment
  • How assessment data will be recorded

Phonics policies

Ashlands Primary School has