Last reviewed on 4 July 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 11027

Adapt our review schedule to help you keep track of all your policies, and make sure they're up to date and compliant. See examples of how other schools and multi-academy trusts have set their schedules.

Download our policy review schedule template

Adapt it to your school or trust so that it reflects all the policies you have. Then, for each policy:

  • Include the last and next review dates 
  • Clarify the review frequency, where you can choose. Note, the DfE now recommends you review most policies annually
  • Add who approves it
  • Add who's responsible for it
  • Complete the actions log to know what your next steps are

The review schedules are based on our list of statutory policies and the policies we recommend you have. For more information and to download our models for many of these policies, visit our policy expert page. 

Your scheme of delegation will clarify which policies you set centrally and which are delegated to