Last reviewed on 18 August 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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The current RSE requirements fully come into force from 1 September 2021. If you're updating your curriculum or policy, and need to carry out consultations with parents, pupils or staff, we have tips and resources to help you get it done - either in person or remotely.

We worked with Malcolm Groves and Bill Bolloten, our associate education experts, to develop this toolkit.

Why consult on your RSE curriculum and policy?

The RSE and RHE requirements now apply. 

While you've probably already developed your RSE policy and curriculum in the run-up to this, you'll likely want to keep this under close review, particularly if you update your behaviour policy to cover sexism and sexual harassment, in light of Ofsted's sexual abuse review

RSE policy

You must consult with parents on changes to your relationships and sex education (RSE) policy. 

This is set out on page 11 of the DfE's guidance on RSE.

RSE curriculum

You're not required to do this, but RSE can be an emotive issue. There are certain topics where there may be differences of opinion about what's appropriate to