Progress 8 in special schools

Progress 8 applies to special schools, to allow comparison of your scores against the mainstream average and other special schools. Understand how progress 8 is calculated for special schools and pupils with SEN, and how this data is used.

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  1. Progress 8 does apply to special schools
  2. How are progress 8 scores calculated for pupils with SEN?
  3. How is a special school's progress 8 score used?

Progress 8 does apply to special schools

This is because progress 8 applies to all maintained schools and academies.

Special school scores aren't included in the national average score of 0

A mainstream school's progress 8 score is calculated as the average of its pupils’ progress 8 scores (see page 24 of the secondary accountability measures guide). For all mainstream pupils, the national average progress 8 score is set at 0.

Special school progress 8 scores are not used in calculating this national mainstream average.

If including pupils at special schools, the national average would be slightly less than 0.

Special school progress 8 scores allow comparison with mainstream schools

Special schools’ progress 8 scores are calculated using mainstream pupils’ attainment 8 averages (i.e. pupils’ attainment across 8 subjects).

This means that pupils' attainment in special schools can be compared against the mainstream average.

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