Last reviewed on 20 February 2018
School types: All · School phases: Primary
Ref: 2870

Is there a year planner showing when to carry out self-evaluation tasks? One of our associate education experts has created a sample primary school self-evaluation schedule, which you can download as a KeyDoc.

KeyDoc: schedule for self-evaluation

We worked with one of our associate education experts, David Driscoll, to produce a document that sets out a possible self-evaluation schedule for a primary school.

David is an independent consultant with considerable experience of supporting schools to analyse their data to improve achievement, teaching and leadership. 

The KeyDoc lists tasks to be completed in each month by senior managers, middle managers and governors.

For example, it says that in September, senior managers:

It also says that in November, middle managers carry out work scrutiny and co-ordinators join the senior leadership team (SLT) for