Last reviewed on 30 March 2022
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See how to develop your own formula to measure the quality of teaching in your school. Also find a research report on effective methods of teacher evaluation, and how a MAT measures teachers' performance linked to pay progression.

Follow this process to develop your formula

You can use this method to evaluate the quality of teaching across your whole school, or for individual teachers.

  • Select a range of factors
  • Decide how you'll score each factor
  • Give each factor a particular weighting, in the form of a number
  • Calculate the score for each factor, and multiply by the weighting
  • Add up all the scores to give a numerical value of the quality of teaching

Use a range of factors

There's a large number of factors you can include in your formula, such as:

  • The progress made by all groups of pupils
  • How teachers engage with, and ensure the progress of, ‘at risk’ groups
  • The quality of classroom displays
  • Pupils' behaviour in lessons
  • The amount of low-level disruption in lessons
  • How teachers work with other members of staff
  • Lesson planning
  • How teachers differentiate or personalise learning in lessons

You could use the results of pupil questionnaires or lesson observations by