Tracking progress against school improvement targets

Understand how you can track progress against targets in your school improvement plan (SIP), and download our template to save you time.

Last reviewed on 4 April 2022
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  1. Download our template
  2. Set SMART targets

Download our template

KeyDoc: template to review progress against SIP targets DOC, 150.5 KB

You'll find:

  • A blank table to fill in with your own specific SIP target and relevant information
  • A completed example to show how progress can be measured against targets

We worked with an independent consultant, David Driscoll, to create this template for you to track progress on priorities identified in your school improvement plan (SIP). 

Set SMART targets

Include targets not action points in your SIP

This is because a target with a quantifiable measure of success focuses on a desired impact, whereas an action point outlines what you'll do to bring about a desired impact.

You can reframe it to be a target on pupil achievement, such as 'raise the proportion of pupils achieving the highest grades at GCSE