Leadership group pay and progression

  • Additional payments for headteachers
    Headteachers can receive temporary payments on top of their salary, and may still receive discretionary payments given to them in the past. Includes guidance from the STPCD and the DfE.
  • Assistant/deputy headteachers: calculating pay ranges
    Understand how to set pay ranges for new assistant and deputy headteachers. Plus, find out when you should review pay ranges, how to set pay differentials and how to pay those in an acting role.
  • Headteacher pay progression
    Understand how headteacher pay is determined and see an example pay progression policy.
  • Headteachers: calculating pay ranges
    Learn how to set pay ranges for headteachers, including executive headteachers, and use our calculator to find the right headteacher pay group for your school. Read guidance on how you should set pay differentials, how to pay those in an acting role, and when you can change pay ranges.
  • Paying headteachers above the headteacher group
    There are 2 ways for headteachers employed under the STPCD to be paid above the headteacher group. Learn how this works, including the limits you need to keep to.
  • School business manager (SBM) pay
    There's no national pay scale for SBMs, but make sure you know who's responsible for setting their pay in your school. Find information about average salaries for SBMs, and what you should consider when setting a salary.