Appraisal: 360-degree feedback forms

Download our template forms for gathering 360-degree feedback for staff performance reviews, including for a headteacher, and save yourself time if you're making your own.

Last reviewed on 25 March 2022
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  1. Download our templates
  2. Consider these points before using the forms 

Download our templates

General member of staff form

KeyDoc: general staff 360 feedback form DOC, 152.0 KB

It's intended for use with a range of roles, but we recommend that you personalise it for individuals to take account of their roles and performance objectives. Rather than using the full objective, you could include the themes of their objectives.

Before sending out any requests, make sure staff are aware you're going to ask for feedback on their objectives and that they're happy for you to do this. 

You could also agree with individuals which areas you want to get feedback on in particular, and adapt the form to only get feedback on these areas.

Headteacher form

Normally your governing board is responsible for organising headteacher appraisal 360-degree feedback, but there's nothing stopping you from collecting views from your staff to check your own performance. Just be sure this won't create