Last reviewed on 25 May 2022
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Use and adapt our interview questions, record sheet and tasks to help you recruit your next IT technician or manager. Get tips on what to look for in good answers.

Download our interview questions and record sheet

Use the template below during your interviews to:

  • Record and score candidates' responses
  • Get tips on what to look for in good answers

Pick the questions that are most relevant to your school's context and the needs of the role. You'll find questions for both IT technician and IT manager roles.

Our questions cover:

  • IT skills
  • Communication and time management skills
  • Health and safety, and safeguarding
  • Data protection and confidentiality 
  • Leadership

Choose from our interview tasks

Give candidates a task to do as part of the recruitment process, to see how they would tackle the kind of situations required of an IT technician or manager. 

Choose the task(s) most relevant to the position, and most practical to your time frame - you don't