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  • Effective recruitment: case studies from schools Are there examples of effective recruitment strategies? This article has 6 case studies from schools, including 3 teaching schools. We also link to an article with expert advice on recruiting in the most cost-effective way.
  • Employing teachers from overseas: what you need to know Find out how Brexit has changed your requirements when hiring teachers from overseas. See how these teachers can get qualified teacher status (QTS), and understand how to recruit them - by becoming a visa sponsor or by other routes.
  • How to do internal recruitment Read our step-by-step guide to recruiting members of staff already at your school for another role.
  • How to manage a criminal records disclosure Learn how to handle disclosures of criminal records information, including what to do if a DBS check returns with previous convictions. Use our templates to help you conduct a disclosure discussion and assess an applicant's criminal record.
  • How to reduce unconscious bias in your recruitment process Learn how to minimise the influence of unconscious bias when you're making hiring choices at the advertising, CV shortlisting, and interview stages of your recruitment process.
  • Recruitment checks: cheat sheet Do you know your DBS check from your section 128? Barred list check from prohibition from teaching? Learn the difference between the key recruitment checks, why they're important and how to do them. Download our cheat sheet for a handy reference, or to include in process manuals.
  • Recruitment: your step-by-step guide Keep on top of all the stages in the recruitment process. See links to our guidance and resources all in one place, from finding applicants to holding staff induction.
  • Writing references: guidance Find out what’s expected of you if you receive a request for a reference. Including whether you need to provide references when asked, what to include, and whether an individual can see copies of any references you provide about them.