School budget monitoring: questions to discuss

With finances squeezed, use this guide to help you make the most of your budget monitoring meetings. See what to cover and use our questions to help you spot issues and identify next steps.

Last reviewed on 25 July 2023
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  1. Why budget monitoring is important
  2. What the monitoring meeting involves
  3. What to cover 

Why budget monitoring is important

The school budget:

  • Drives school improvement by funding areas of development
  • Links with your school’s asset management plan covering planned income and expenditure over a period of time

Budget monitoring makes sure that resources are:

  • Used for their planned purposes
  • Properly accounted for
  • Reported to external bodies where necessary

What the monitoring meeting involves

Budget monitoring meetings between headteachers and school business managers (SBMs) are an opportunity to:

  • Review whether you're spending in line with your projections
  • Understand the school's current financial situation in more detail
  • Identify current and potential problems
  • Discuss steps to keep you on track

It's up to you how often you have these meetings – for example, every month or term. 

Prepare the questions in advance 

Share the meeting agenda with your